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Read about Chris White's Sax Trax CD...But it is NOT his new solo album.

Chris White is working on his new solo album now !!

Chris White replaced a lot of equipment in his home studio to be suitable to the new sound and needs of his second solo album which is on the way. Many new material has been writing till now. It will be a very different kind of album compared with the previous. More news about the musicians involved in this project coming soon!!


19th June 2009 - Chris White will be playing at 100 Club in London with John Illsley and Greg Pearle. The gig is on 23rd June 2009. Polly Wood and Steve Picken will participate too. Tickets HERE. Earlier this month, on 8th of June 2009, Chris played with John and Greg on their private gig in Sardinia for the annual charity fundraiser for SPARKS, the children's cancer charity pioneered by Ed Dubois. Polly Wood and Steve Picken had a big success there too.

2nd May 2009 - Sergio Tacchini’s night with Chris White.

22th April 2009 - More dates for Chris' tour with Solid Rock - Corporate gig for the International Tennis Tour AOTP - Villaggio VIP Foro Italico, Rome, Italy, 30th April 2009. Supporting act by Polly Wood & Steve Picken. Official sponsor Sergio Tacchini.

6th April 2009 - My reviews about the gigs in Italy - Blackbird Music Club and TKB Varazze. See the pictures on both pages!

7th March 2009 - Chris White will be a special guest of Italian band Solid Rock again on:

3th April 2009 - Blackbird Live Music Club - via degli Olmetti, 41 L, Formello, Roma
4th April 2009 - TKB Varazze (SV), Piazza dei Vegerio,4

23rd December 2008 - Merry Christmas and Happy New 2009 to all visitors!!

29th October 2008 - Chris will be touring with John Illsley & Greg Pearle in UK and Ireland. More details and ticket information HERE and HERE.

Polly Wood & Steve Picken will be supporting John and Greg again early in the new year.

12th October 2008 - Review and pictures from John Illsley & Greg Pearle gig with Chris White.

25th September 2008 - Chris White arranged the brass and played some memorable sax on the forthcoming John Illsley & Greg Pearle album Beautiful You.
More details HERE and HERE.

27th August 2008 - Chris White will be playing with John Illsley and Greg Pearle at London’s Bush Hall on the 7th of October. The gig is a part of a short promoting tour about their new album, Beautiful You, which will be realized in the end of October.

23th August 2008 - New pictures on the Fan's Gallery. It's Chris with Polly Wood & Steve Picken. You could listen them on their myspace pages....They are really good!!
Polly Wood

Steve Picken

Polly Wood & Steve Picken