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   1st August 2008 - Chris White has replaced a lot of equipment in his home studio
   to be suitable to the new sound and needs of his second solo album which is on the way.
   Many new material has been writing  till now. It will be a very different kind of album
   compared with the previous. More news about the musicians involved in this project coming soon!!

   Important Note from Chris White to his fans:
   The CD called 'Control' by Chris White, which is the same like 'Shadowdance'
   but with different track order is ILLEGAL, so please,  DON'T BUY IT !! 

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   Watch Chris White playing in a concert on YouTube :
    Dire Straits - 1986   Mandela Tr. - 1988   
Dire Straits - 1992    Robbie Williams   Mark Knopfler  Kylie Minogue  

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 16th August 2008 - Chris White did sessions for some new english artists and one session for the group
Belle and Sebastian.

   14th July 2008 - Chris White will be a guest player on a gig with John Illsley and his Irish Friends in September.

   6th June 2008 - A new picture was added on the Fan's Gallery.

29th May 2008 - Jimmy Copley's solo album 'Slap My Hand' ( Chris White on the sax) was officially
    released in Japan on 21st May. After a successful promotional tour, The album is already at No9 in the
    Japanese Tower Records Chart and No6 in The UK Import Charts.
    For Further information and the latest news click HERE.


30th January 2008 - Jimmy Copley announced that his first solo album 'Slap My Hand'
     will be released soon. Besides Chris White on the sax it  features a multitude of talent from artists
     including Jeff Beck, Pino Palladino, Peter Cox, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Dino Bapiste,
     Ian Jennings, Paul Spong, Mark Stanway, Mo Birch, Char, Paul Jackson, Sussane Loeser, Steve Evans.

  27th January 2008 -  To BUY ONLINE 'Inamorata', Guy Fletcher's new solo album
    with guest players Chris White and Mark Knopfler  click HERE.


8th December 2007 - The Video Section above was fully updated with new videos. Enjoy it !

    11th November 2007 - Chris White played on two songs in 
"The Kylie Show" last night. Read more HERE.

     5th November 2007 - "Concert for Diana" DVD was released on the 5th November
 2007. To order the DVD click HERE.
     For more information about Chris' playing there read HERE.

  20th October 2007Chris White will be playing on the new Guy Fletcher's album. Read more HERE.

    9th September 2007 - Mark Knopfler's new album  Kill To Get Crimson, will be released
     worldwide on or around the 17th of September, 2007. Chris White played  saxophone,
     flute and clarinet on two songs and on two more with Steve Sidwell (trumpet). Read more HERE.


1st August 2007 - The sax solo from Dire Straits' song Romeo and Juliet  played live by Chris
     was included on
21st July 2007 - Updates about Chris' Tour with Pino Daniele - 1987 - see HERE.                                                               
5th July 2007 - Chris White's next usual day - Concert for Diana review

27th June 2007 - Chris White will be playing with 
Bryan Ferry and Tom Jones
    at the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium on July 1st .
    The concert will be broadcasted  by many TV and Radio stations - see the list  HERE.