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   n1                                                            "Let the saxophone play us till the chorus of dawn"
                                                                                                                                                                                "Angel Of Mercy"-Mark Knopfler
   6th  April 2006 - TOP NEWS!!
   Terry Kilburn from MKNews announced this news for us.What a fantastic  news for starting a fan site!!
   After a long break because of other musical engagements  Chris White is working  on his new solo album now.
   Watch Chris White playing in a concert on YouTube - Dire Straits - 1986,  
Dire Straits - 1992Robbie Williams, Mark Knopfler
    Chris White's myspace page



14th April 2007 - The site was upgraded with some sound effects, a short masterpieces played by Chris in various concerts.
    Displaying him like a great performer it showed his big talent to improvise and always to be different.  During the BIA and OES tour
    he played so many times ( more than 500) the sax solo of Romeo and Juliet ( the music was created by Chris himself ) and it sounded
differently every time. The improvement with sounds and videos were made in honour of the first anniversary of the site. Enjoy it !!   
   5th April 2007 - More updates on the Bio page - HERE.

   31st March 2007 - Updates on the Bio page - HERE.

   19th  March 2007 - Chris White  and Steve Sidwell (a trumpet player) recorded a session for  the new Mark Knopfler's album
    and  played  on  two more tracks. Chris also played  saxophone, flute and clarinet on two tracks last month.

10th March 2007 - New pictures - HERE....HERE and HERE.

   1st March 2007 - Chris White recorded a session for the first Jimmy Copley's solo album.
    It features a multitude of talent from artists including Jeff Beck, Pino Palladino, Peter Cox, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray,
    Dino Bapiste, Ian Jennings, Paul  Spong , Mark Stanway, Mo Birch, Char, Paul Jackson, Sussane Loeser, Steve Evans.
    Scheduled for release during the summer of 2007.
    Source - Jimmy Copley's myspace page.   

   27th February 2007 - Your Latest Trick - Totem Village - 17th February 2007 - Watch the video HERE.

   21st February 2007 - A review with pictures  from Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits Fans Children Aid with a special guest Chris White - HERE.
20th February 2007 - Some pictures from the charity gigs in Italy - HERE.

 11th February 2007 -  Great news from Guy Fletchers'r recording diary - Chris White will play on the new Mark Knopfler's album

lute, Tenor sax, Alto sax and Clarinet. More information HERE.

11th January 2007 - Chris White will be a Special Guest in Italy again !! 
   On  16th and 17th February 2007 - Totem Village (Velletri) - Rome - for two benefit concerts
   supported by Mark Knopfler, his  Management and MKNews ( Terry Kilburn ).
   More details here and here.

Chris White @ Totem Village, Velletri (Rome) - 16th and 17th February 2007
Live Concert for Amnesty International
Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits Fans Children Aid


16th November 2006 -  A new picture here -  Chris White & Fans.
20th October 2006 -  Chris White was a guest  
at a special Mark Knopfler Tribute Lunch
   held at the Civic Centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on  Thursday 19th October 2006.
   For more details click HERE.

   28th September 2006 -  More pictures here - 
Chris White & Fans.

   11th August 2006 - A new page - Film Music.

   5th  August 2006 - Updates - Chris White and Guy Fletcher - see HERE.                                                                        
13th July 2006 - Visit our new Downloads page.

   13th July 2006 - Congratulations!!  - see HERE      
   4th July 2006 - A new gallery page  - Chris White & Fans.

   2nd July 2006 - See more Chris White's sessions - more detailed list .
   5th May 2006 - Updates on the Bio page about the saxes of Chris.

   6th April 2006 - We are open!!!                                                                           
   It's our first day...I am not native English person, so be patient with my language....