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Some pieces of Chris White's musical biography...    

     Chris White is a saxophone player from UK with his own unique musical style. His tone is clear, independent, so easy recognizable and pure. He was originally a jazz-saxophonist. But he is superb as well in the Rock'n'Roll,  in the  Blues and in the Pop...He influenced so many songs and live performances with his touching and  tender sax-sound and he gave the best of his soul and strong spirit in the way which only he could do. Chris played one of the most beautiful saxophone solos in a love song ever - this one of Romeo and Juliet, a wonderful song, written by Mark Knopfler. And he inspired  so much to this song, composed originally without a saxophone part. Everybody may remember also his live performance on Your Latest Trick - a renowned song, of the most famous Dire Straits' album, Brothers In Arms.
     Chris was born in Bristol (UK) on  the 13th of July 1955. He was connected with the music from his early childhood. In the same  time he also liked to swim and should really have been an Olympic swimmer. At thirteen, he discovered the saxophone, having seen someone playing the instrument on TV and suddenly the pool had lost its allure. He took charge of an old sax he found in a cupboard at school and devoted himself to practice. Two years later, his teacher, a semi-professional, was giving him the gigs he couldn't do. The saxes he has got are Selmer. When Chris was 15 he bought the alto new with money he borrowed from his father. He bought the tenor old when he was 17. He has never bought any others, always used these two. So, from the beginning of his career and quite young, Chris was knewing very well what  he had to create. His  favourite sax player was Charlie Parker and later he was also inspired by John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley and some of the new, contemporary, sax players.
      During his Pre - Dire Straits  period he was playing in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and was touring with other musicians and singers like France Gall  (there are  pictures on the gallery page). >>>>>

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