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Shadowdance - 1991

1 Control
2 Mr. Fats
3 A New Day
4 Shadowdance
5 Don't Take No
6 Jericho Walls
7 Eve's Song
8 You Will
9 Dreamtime
10 Brilliant Silence
11 A Way of Life

Chris plays on alto, tenor, soprano and electric sax

Chris White - Shadowdance, August 6, 2004
 Reviewer: A music fan from Kent, UK. 
I first bought this album about 10 years ago , after seeing Chris White playing with Dire Straits . I thought he was an amazing Sax player , and his solos were sublime , especially in ' Romeo and Juliet ' , ' Sultans of Swing ' and ' Your Latest Trick '. When I knew he had an album out I had to get it , and several weeks later my local CD shop had located it for me - a German import that cost almost Ј20 but it was worth every penny .

" Shadowdance " is a fantastic album , and shows Chris' talents to the full . Some of the tracks - namely ' Don't Take No ' , ' You Will ' and 'A Way of Life ' have vocals on but it is largely a musical album . Great for having in the car or for chilling .

I believe that Chris White was part of Robbie Williams band in the Knebworth era (and for all I know he might still be) - all I can say is , Robbie knows a class sax player .

I can honestly say that on the strength of this album , I also bought albums by Kenny G , a much better known sax player , and Chris White,  for me, is far superior.

Buy it - you will be so pleased you did.