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 Sax Trax...What's that?

Sax Trax is not a CD for selling. It is included in a Music Library for movies.

A seductive blend of melodies by virtuoso Chris White, 'Saxman to the Stars"
Includes 15 musical selections for use as backgrounds in film or video productions.
Each selection also recorded in 30-second version.


1. Party Down
2. Erotica
3. Little Miss Heartbreak
4. Voodoo Valves
5. Lacotta Sue
6. Maybe If
7. Lara's Lament
8. In Tha Hood
9. Who's That Girl
10. Drift Away
11. Big Bruiser
12. Lounge Lizard
13. Slightly Twisted
14. Melancholia
15. Tortured Mind