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Chris White @ Totem Village, Velletri (Rome) - 16th and 17th February 2007
Live Concerts for Amnesty International
Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits Fans Children Aid

In aid of Invisible and Child Soldier, two children's charities run by Amnesty International.
The two fabulous charity concerts were organized by a number of Italian DS/MK tribute bands:

- Solid Rock (Italian DS & MK tribute band from Rome feat. Marco Caviglia on guitar & vocals )
- (Italian DS & MK tribute band from Puglia feat. Angelo Fumarola on guitar & vocals )
- Alchemy Band (Italian DS & MK tribute band from Calabria feat. Ivan Tedesco on guitar & vocals ).

The very special guest was  Chris White ( Dire Straits ).

The other guests were:
Terry Kilburn
 (Mark Knopfler Management)
 Paolo Bonfanti (Italian blues guitarist)
and Alex Valle (Italian pedal steel player)

The two concerts were opened by Terry with a solo acoustic set. Terry's sets were:

16th February: We Shall Overcome / The Great Indoors / Driftless / Bird On The Wire
17th February: We Shall Overcome / Railroad Worksong / Driftless / The Lakes of Pontchartrain / Bird On The Wire


Alchemy Band set:

16th February: Down To The Waterline / What's The Matter Baby
17th February: Down To The Waterline / What's the matter baby/ Six Blade Knife ( with Marco Caviglia and Angelo Fumarola )


Rocking Fingers set:

16th February: Single Handed Sailor / So Far Away
17th February: Once Upon A Time In The West / In The Gallery / Single Handed Sailor


Solid Rock set:

16th February: Are We In Trouble Now / I Dug Up A Diamond /...with Paolo Bonfanti : Walk Of Life / Six Blade Knife. Paolo performed also 2 other songs - On The Outside (Paolo Bonfanti) and Little Queenie (Chuck Berry). He is very powerful and impressive guitar player.
17th February: Are We In Trouble Now / I Dug Up A Diamond / Walk Of Life / What It Is / Where Do You Think You're Going


Chris White set with Solid Rock ( the same in both days ):

Sultans Of Swing
Romeo and Juliet
Two Young Lovers
Your Latest Trick
Solid Rock

Encore with Terry and Chris : Rambling Blues
Encore with Marco & Solid Rock : Going Home

Your Latest Trick Video

Romeo and Juliet's sax solo picture's gallery




Chris White was incredible and charming, as usual ( MITICO!! as Italians say ). The magic of his sax delighted the audience...
The duet of the guitar and the sax to the end of 'Sultans' was powerful and Chris made some changes of the melody of the sax part not played in a concrt before. 'Two Young Lovers' made the audience noisy and jumping and 'Your Latest Trick' was played by Chris with his elegant and mysterious style suitable to the enigmatic sound of that song.
The sax solo of 'Romeo and Juliet' was fabulous and couldn't be described but just had to be heard.
The encores were excited and incredible warmed by the audience's love and included the promise that it will happens again soon..

In the second night there was an aftershow auction of various MK related items including displays containing various MK memorabilia and photgraphs signed by Mark, a Fender Stratocaster guitar (scratchplate signed by Mark) and signed CDs. Thanks to Terry and Robyn Becker for organising this support.


The atmosphere in Velletri these two days was really excited, sunny and warm. So much much harmony...and so much LOVE were sent to Amnesty International besides the financial aid...

To all my Italian ( and not Italian) friends

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