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John Illsley  & Greg Pearle Gig
Bush Hall, London, Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 

The concert was about to promote Greg & John new album 'Beautiful You'
recorded at Mark Knopler's British Grove Studios and Guy Fletcher's A-Bay Studios.
Chris played the sax and arranged the brass there.
The album is really good and Greg's songs sounds so touching.

The night started with a supporting gig by Polly Wood & Steve Picken.
Polly is a very tallented songwriter and singer with a beautiful voice
and Steve is a very good fingerstyle guitarist.
They performed some of Polly's songs and were really great.

Polly & Steve set-list
1. Freewheeling
2. Carnival
3. Make Me Smile
4. Halcyon Days
5. Gimme Some Lovin (Spencer Davis track)
6. Driving Blind
7. Do It

Check their myspace pages:

Polly Wood     Steve Picken     Polly Wood & Steve Picken              

After that on the stage came John, Greg and Chris and the main gig started.
They performed some songs from the album Beautiful You
and some of Dire Straits oldies. Greg's voice and songs sounded amazing.
John played the lead guitar and  was a surprise to see
that he reminded a bit to Mark's playing.
Chris was brilliant and charming as usual.
I enjoyed the concert so much.
The only one thing I missed was the famous R&J sax solo.
The venue 
was packed  and the audience was really delighted .

The musicians were:

Greg Pearle - vocal, guitar
John Illsley - lead guitar, vocal
Chris White - alto, tenor, soprano saxes, flute and background vocal
Steve Tiernay - bass
Lee Boylan - drums
Paul Dempsey - keyboards

The set list:
Expresso Love
First We Take Manhattan
Secret Garden
Love Let Me Breath
Once Upon A Time In The West
Romeo & Juliet
Loving You
Crazy Kind Of Life
Sultans Of Swing
Got No Plans
Where Do You Think Your Going
I Believe
Money For Nothing
Beautiful You

Review by Slavi

Some pictures from the night here:

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