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TKB - Varazze - 4th of April 2009

TKB, Varazze and the sea...what a great combination of exotic and romantic. And if you add a wonderful gig, played by Solid Rock with Special Guest Chris White, 'spiced' with Lorenzo TKB you will be totally blowed away. There was an incredible atmosphere in TKB and the gig was full and totally sold-out!! 'Mitico' Chris White was awesome and his masterpice solos touched the audience to tears.

An article about Chris White in the 'Savona' newspaper

'Savona' newspaper

This is Chris White, the sax of Dire Straits

The musician from Bristol is a guest of honour of Solid Rock, which will play this evening in Takabanda Varazze.

Chris White, the historic saxophonist of Dire Straits is a guest of honour today at Takabanda's programme in Varazze. The musician from Bristol will join Solid Rock, the most important Dire Straits' and Mark Knopfler's Tribute Band in Italy. White is very interesting saxophonist. He played with Dire Straits from 1885 to 1995 and with so many other musicians and bands like Robbie Williams, Pino Daniele, Paul McCartney and Mark Knopfler. Chris White discovered the saxophone in his childhood and was a part of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. He played at both the Live Aid Concert in 1985 and Nelson Mandela's 70th Birthday Concert in 1988. The gig this evening is at 22.30 pm.
Article by Martin Cervelli







Set list

Once Upon A Time
Expresso Love
Down To The Waterline
Where Do You Think You're Going?
Tunnel Of Love
Private Investigations
Walk Of Life (acoustic version)
Telegraph Road

Solid Rock & Special Guest Chris White

Sultans Of Swing
Your Latest Trick
Two Young Lovers
Planet Of New Orleans
Romeo and Juliet
Solid Rock
Money for Nothing

Solid Rock are:

Marco Caviglia - Lead Guitar
Fabrizio Bruzzichini - Guitar
Primiano Di Biase - Keyboards
Maurizio Meo - Bass
Salvatore Scorrano - drums