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About Us....

Well...I have some reasons to make this site. Being so long a die-hard Dire Straits' and Mark Knopfler's  fan, I like so much Chris White's saxophone playing. When I heard his solo in Romeo And Juliet ( it is a great Dire Straits' song - one of my favourites ), I fell in love with the sax music. Then I started to listen the saxophone in different way...with more passion and love. The other sax players I like are David Sanborn, Andy Sheppard, Jan Garbarek,  Cannonball Adderley etc. But Chris will be my number one forever, because he took me to this wonderful passion. When I connected to the Internet to search some information about my fav. band and musicians, I was so wondered to find very wrong and contrary information about Chris. In one Roxy Music's fan site I read that he is from New Zealand...from other site I "knew" he is from New York...etc. etc. funny things. A reason about this big "mess" is the fact there are so many musicians called with this name...2-3 of them are sax players. I hope to help the people with the right information doing this site.
       Later I found another saxophone and guitar fan who likes all my fav. musicians and we started to share each other our music,opinions, CD's, information and all connected to the good saxophone and guitar music too. So, we both decided to make this pleasant job around the  fan site. A very big "thank you" to Guitars & More about your friendship and for giving a space for this site during the first 3 months...

                  I spent two years to search / collect  all this stuff  and I will be happy  if somebody can share some new information with us.
P.S. I come from a country with a different language and  alphabet, please, be indulgent about my English...


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